MODE_COM Tableta Modecom FreeTAB 9000 IPS Full HD ICG Intel Atom Z2580 2x2GHz PZPN

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Descriere Tableta Modecom FreeTAB 9000 IPS Full HD ICG Intel Atom Z2580 2x2GHz PZPN de la MODE_COM

MODECOM FreeTAB 9000 IPS ICG OPL PZPN this tablet in the center of the put ultrafast processor, Intel® Atom ™ Z2580, clocking a frequency of 2 x 2GHz. In the design of the processor uses an innovative Intel® Hyper-Threading (multithreading). This technology provides incredible performance from 4 - weft, processing (two threads per core). In practice, this means outstanding performance and flexibility of the processor. Member tablet equipped with this type of processor does not know the difference in speed, even in the case where multiple charged to start the application resources. The processor is characterized by further used in the construction of 32 nm. technological process, which further enhances the performance capabilities of the tablet.

graphics The integrated processor graphics chip  l DDR3

The latest generation of energy-saving type LPDDR2 RAM

For the perfect display of textures graphics and smooth playback of animation corresponds advanced integrated processor 4-core PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU (533 MHz). Tablet MODECOM FreeTAB 9000 IPS ICG OPL Football Association is equipped with 2GB of high-performance, energy-efficient type of LPDDR2 RAM. This extremely fast system despite the fact that it provides excellent communication between different components, it has a special energy-saving system that allows to save up to 70% energy compared to DDR3 technology.

The capacious flash drive to your favorite media

 l  reader MicroSD memory card reader with support for SDHC cards up to 64GB
Internal flash drive with a capacity of 16GB allows users to store large amounts of your favorite media files (movies, music, photos), and application.  In a very easy way to enlarge internal memory via the built-in microSD memory card reader with support for high-performance and high-speed circuits SDHC up to 64GB.

Innovative features of the tablet thanks to the processor

The incredible speed and fluidity in the processing process is not the only advantage of nuclear Intel® Atom ™ processor Z2580. Its modern design additionally allows the use of many innovative, previously unavailable features.
 s High-end camera l  10 Fantastic graphics performance
  • Resolution 5 megapixels
  • AF function
  • Up to 3x the graphics acceleration (previous generation)
  • Audio and video in 1080p HD
  WiDi function, or transfer images without cable l   Surf the web wherever you feel like it
  • With the tablet to a TV
  • Easy pairing
  • Fast response time in the games
Tablet MODECOM FreeTAB 9000 IPS ICG OPL Football Association is equipped with a microUSB port with support for OTG function (on-the-go). This feature makes the device is successfully cooperating with external 3G modems, which provides users with Wi-Fi whenever they are in range of your mobile operator networks.

Use the media through the prism true colors

Tablet MODECOM FreeTAB 9000 IPS ICG OPL PZPN is also the device that allows the user to experience the amazing sensations. Thanks to the applied IPS display with a diagonal of 8.9 "at 16:10, you will move to the highest level of visual experience. Displayed on the surface of the paintings exude an incredible riot of juicy colors and sharpness, even in the smallest details. So amazing effect we have achieved through the use of a matrix of IPS Full HD (1920 x 1200 pixels)
 s Special protective glass surface
l  10 Capacitive type touch screen
To ensure maximum safety, the screen surface has been coated with a special glass cover that except that protects your screen from scratches, in addition, provides superior comfort during operations performed on the tablet. Additionally, the function of 5-point touch allows comfortable handling equipment.Displayed through this screen image is of exceptional sharpness and natural color depth, because it supports up to 16, 7 million colors in a full 24-bit mode.
 s Ideally ground on diamond l  10 Built-in GPS
Tablet MODECOM FreeTAB 9000 IPS ICG OPL Football Association is a device tuned in even the smallest detail. Its casing is made of high quality material, which in addition to exclusive appearance provides exceptional comfort. Perfectly matched for all components tablet form a dazzling appearance, solid and strong at the same time like a cut diamond, monolithic construction.  The device is equipped high-end GPS module opens up new possibilities for users. It can be used, among others, add geographical coordinates to the tablet made using the photograph (ie. geotagging photos).

The new face of digital photography

MODECOM FreeTAB 9000 IPS ICG OPL PZPN is a tablet that beyond incredible performance system also enables recording of high-quality multimedia materials. In the rear of the enclosure placed camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels with auto-focus adjustment (autofocus). The camera used with Intel® Atom ™ processor Z2580 ideally suited create a team that offers unprecedented multimedia functionality in tablets. The most important innovative features of this harmonious "team" are .: automatic face detection, time-shift function, panoramic photographs, or create images with high dynamic range (HDR).


 s Videoconferencing for demanding l  10 Unleash the space around them from cables
In front of the tablet we used a second DIGITAL camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels, which allows users to conduct high-quality video conferencing for example. With business partners. So far functioned statement that the tablet is only valid as a source of multimedia entertainment. Outstanding technical parameters of our tablet along with the ability to connect a wide range of accessories make it a full-fledged tool for work as well. What's more, thanks to the Bluetooth module, you can connect to your tablet, computer accessories without the mediation of tangled cables everywhere.

WiFi wireless communication mode 802.11g / n

Connect to the world provides built-in wireless communication module for WiFi operating in 802.11 b / g / n.Ten high quality module provides a convenient web browsing, smooth playback in HD.

Powerful and intuitive Android operating system version 4.2 JB

The Android operating system version 4.2 JB provides a convenient and pleasant to work with the device and accessed using the installed Google Play thousands of free applications so that the tablet becomes a convenient tool for work and play. The device when you buy has a number of installed applications such as Facebook to communicate social, youtube video playback, an application to play movies in HD, application for playing music in popular formats, MP3, wav, etc., Google Maps for a very comfortable navigation maps almost all the available places on the globe, application to browse the web, use e-mail, and a number of other applications, which in tablet form a convenient device for work and play. The tablet allows you to make updates to future versions of Android using the built-in software and a card reader.


Technical Specifications


High capacity battery of 6500 mAh provides the user with long operation without the need for frequent charging from a 230V socket. High capacity battery used translates into the possibility of long hours of work with a WiFi connection, while working with utility applications or watching HD movies.


Conveniently placed buttons allow fast access support for basic system functions (Power, Volume +/-)



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